Valuable things for free!

By | December 24, 2021


If you were asked what is the most expensive thing in the world, what would you say? Who would say diamonds. Who would say an iPhone. Who would say a BMW car or a Ferrari car. Who will say Mukesh Ambani’s house is Antilia. Who would have said that the building of the former President of the United States is Trump Tower


If the blind man is asked the same question, he will say that the most valuable thing for him is sugarcane or vision. The most expensive thing for a hungry person is food. The most valuable thing for a prisoner is to be released. Evidence is the most expensive thing for a lawyer to do in a time of trial. The most expensive thing for a politician is a piece of vote. The most expensive thing for an orphan is parents. Ask the same question to another coroner who is placed on a ventilator, who will say that the most expensive thing in the world is oxygen for him. The answer to such a question, even if it varies depending on the place, vessel and time, has to be paid to get the above goods; That means you have to buy with money.


Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. No, it’s free. Completely free. Can’t believe it Let’s discuss one by one. The nature in which we are born is always free. Suneli sunrise sunset sunset, cool john, twinkling stars, drizzle rain, red tukutaku sadhav bohu, colorful butterflies, huge sea, kulukululu river, koili’s kuhukuhu tan, flower buds That being said, is it worth it or not?


Another name for life is oxygen. It is in the atmosphere


Available for free. What good is a car if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? It is also a free gift of nature; But no matter how valuable it is. The other thing is that sleep, whether you are a millionaire or a president, whether you sleep in the golden palace or in the palace, how miserable life is if there is no sleep; But now people are losing their natural sleep and looking for artificial sleep. In simple life, sleep is free; But in a difficult life, you fall asleep from drugs or drugs. Tell me how valuable it is!


Laughter is the great gift of the Creator, of creation or of nature. Whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s expensive jewelry. It makes the enemy a friend. Makes the impossible possible. Makes the negative positive. It enhances friendship, enhances beauty, but lowers blood pressure and reduces bitterness. Well, do you need money to laugh? No Completely free. And tell me how valuable it is! Love, hugs, conversations and sweet words are not needed. Love, respect, respect and love help build a life. Lack of it leads to life being misled. It softens the relationship; But is it all worth the money? No Completely free; But without realizing it, people look for life in alcohol, in malls, in malls, and in malls. Love, affection,


Hugs, thank you, need a heart for conversation. It is also completely free; But tell me how valuable it is for life!


No one can pay the price for time. An hour for a rich man, an hour for a poor man, a millionaire, or a president, no one can buy, sell, or stop. So how precious every moment of life and life is! And the time is free for everyone. Abuse or misuse are in your hands; But tell me how valuable it is.


Dreams and memories are two different experiences of life. Be a prince, a hero, a heroine, go to the moon, or go to Mars in a dream, no one will tell you to pay your dream tax. Likewise, no one will deny you the joy of reminiscing about the past. Look at old albums, your childhood, your wedding, midnight, your student days, the acting in the play, the old woman sleeping in her mother’s lap, listening to the story, etc., there is no need for a crushing memory; But it’s better than sitting in a theater and eating ‘popcorn’ and watching movies. Completely free. And tell me how valuable it is for a good life !!


Living is an art; Not a commodity. Living is a nature; Not a profession. Survival is not a destination. So be sure to set a direction for the journey from birth to death. You can take an expensive plane or walk on a plane to end your life. For this reason, a poet said, “This is a living rumor.” Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Otherwise it will be too late.

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