The death of the bookstore is premature

By | September 3, 2015

“A room without a book is like a body without a soul.”  Cicero

My children swear I can “sniff out a bookstore with a 50 mile radius.”  Perusing libraries,bookstores, or the bookshelves in another person’s home are favorite pastime.

Our town is lucky enough to have it’s own book shop to look for a good book, find books on a reading list, sit and chat or just hang out and drink coffee or lemonade. I do all of the above.

Bogart’s Bookstore is the place for members of the community to gather. Bogart’s supports local artists. Every weekend, local musicians set up guitars, sitars, keyboards and serenade browsers.  Amy, the owner, zealously supports local authors with book signings, readings, and prominent displays. She knows her customers’ tastes and often recommends a book or even a music CD. She is a master of helping browsers find “just the right one.”

The children’s section bright primary colors and the placement of beanbag chairs invite a child to nestle in and page through a picture book or sort through a pile of books to find one to buy.

The store is a book exchange. You can bring in used books to exchange for credit to buy used books or new books. The shop carries both.  My husband loves the store. According to him, our house tilts to one side because of all our bookcases overflowing with books.  He is glad to see a bag or a box of books ready to go to Bogart’s.

Keep in mind, I own a Kindle and have thousands stored on it.  I love the Kindle at the beach, on vacation or whenever I have to wait at the store, the doctor’s office the airport.  BUT I also have a stack of books next to my bed to read as well.

Bogart’s Books is wonderful spot in the community. It was the inspiration for my Women’s Fiction single title series.  A community bookstore is the connecting element. In the first book, Levels of Truth, Caroline, enters Reader’s Haven to look for just the “right book.” Her life is soon intertwined with those in that bookstore.

Despite the media hype, the demise of bookstore is not eminent. Bookstores kindle a love of books, nurture a sense of community and support artists. If you are lucky, your town has its own bookstore. Go buy a book.

Where is your favorite place to browse for books?