By | July 15, 2018

These are for those participating in Journal Workshop, Millville Library, but if you are a journal writer any place and need ideas—help yourself.These are ideas and topics I have gleaned over the years as a high school, teacher, then writing instructor and just fellow writer. When I know the source, I will quote it.

Writing Rituals.

If you wait for inspiration, you will have many blank pages. A writer writes.  Sometimes only garbage comes out; sometimes pure gold flows from your pen.Just as baseball players follow certain rituals on game day and sailors have certain behaviors before setting sail, writers have rituals before they begin.

Historically, (and in some cases hysterically) classic/notable writers have rituals.Edgar Allen Poe wrote with his car on his shoulders. Collete (French writer) picked fleas from her cat before she wrote.

Virginia Wolfe and Ernest Hemingway wrote while standing up.

Franklin wrote in the nude.  Victor Hugo wrote in front of a mirror. Nabokov wrote first draft in pencil on file cards. Susan Wiggs writes all her first drafts long hand and stores her manuscripts in the freezer.

What is your ritual?  What things need to be nearby as you write?  Where do you write?