Goodbye Roses Hello Fall Leaves

By | November 12, 2016

The party’s over….(This is a very old song. Couples usually shuffled together on a dance floor at the end of a party—I chaperoned many proms.)   Summer is slowly fading into falling leaves, endless acorns and cooler weather.img_1312

As I have stated in other blogs ( 8/27/16 and 9/1/15 ), I am a spring and summer person. As a gardener, spring and summer produce anticipation and pure joy of gardens brimming with colors and new smells. Just wonderful love of gardening and accomplishment when flowers do bloom (and bugs and disease don’t overpower the garden.) makes spring and summer the best.


Yes, I know the fall leaves and the mums offer bursts of bright colors.  But fall means my roses have their last hurrah—stunning rosy and pinks, fragile whites hanging down fences will disappear.  Soon, I will be clipping them back and protecting them for the winter’s blasts of cold.  Roses adorn every garden—we have a large corner lot and gardens encircle the back yard and provide borders in the front yard.  img_1324

This fall will keep me busy.  We cut down 12 trees in the front and installed solar panels.  (Yes, we still have 20 trees in the backyard.)   All my front yard flowers have been sweltering in the heat and shaking their heads—what’s going on, the sun is blinding.  Fall will be rearranging, planting and creating new garden in the now very sunny front.   Ah-h a challenge. img_1314 img_1318 img_1325

Most of the photos are the roses from this year.  I will miss their color and wonderful whiff of fragrance which floats around the porch or yard.  S-I-G-H, the party’s over. Byes roses, hello fall leaves.