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Bhimeshwari, the wreckage of the Bhujang king

The Mayurbhanj district’s Kaprapida block is a land of history and heritage, but no research has been done. Similarly, whatever monuments or past monuments there are, there are no steps to protect them. Bhimeshwari, the ruined stupa of the Bhujang king, is an example of this.   The Bhimeshwari Tantra Peetha, located in the village… Read More »

Valuable things for free!

  If you were asked what is the most expensive thing in the world, what would you say? Who would say diamonds. Who would say an iPhone. Who would say a BMW car or a Ferrari car. Who will say Mukesh Ambani’s house is Antilia. Who would have said that the building of the former… Read More »

Khauti’s protection and rights

The process of electing the chairman and members of the district commission has changed. In the state of Odisha, when the electoral process ended under the old law, the new law came into force in 2009 and 2020. As a result, the selection process has been delayed in most states. However, with the intervention of… Read More »