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Vacations and wonderful bookstores

Vacation time is time to explore—bookstores!    As we travel, I visit as many independent bookstores as is possible Prior to leaving, I Google independent bookstores along the way .  Each bookstore has a personality and atmosphere. I like to browse and see how each differs and what books each offers.  What books are highlighted? … Read More »

The death of the bookstore is premature

“A room without a book is like a body without a soul.”  Cicero My children swear I can “sniff out a bookstore with a 50 mile radius.”  Perusing libraries,bookstores, or the bookshelves in another person’s home are favorite pastime. Our town is lucky enough to have it’s own book shop to look for a good… Read More »

Home–What image comes to mind?

My women’s fiction novel, Levels of Truth, begins with the simple word, “Home.” A very emotive word, which often generates images and memories. What picture first enters your mind? Although I have lived most of my adult life in New Jersey, “home” evokes the image of a white frame house in Brecksville, Ohio—my home from birth to… Read More »

Book Clubs for Writers

One of my speaking topics is “Book Clubs for Writers,” a topic that brings together two passions of novelists.  Stephen King proclaims, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: you must read a lot and write a lot.” Reading another’s works expands a writer’s knowledge, often inspires… Read More »