Losing her past was the start of …everything. Marlo Saunders has escaped. After testifying against her abusive criminal of an ex-husband, Marlo has taken her young son to the safety of Maine. For the first time in her life, she’s face to face with tranquility….and desire. Now the man she wants most it the one man she can least risk having at her side. Small town police chief Brent O’Neill knows fear and need when he sees them. But the barriers Marlo has built around her tell him the unknowns surrounding her past are far beyond what he’s seen before. He’ll do everything in his power to make her believe in him and the healing power of Maine.

"A lovely story of a woman learning to be more than she could be and the man who stands proudly beside her." Simply Romance Review

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Stranger To Love
Reece Brett
ISBN 978-1-934912-06-5
Black Lyon Publishing


"Let the readers do some of the work themselves." Dostoyevsky