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Reece will be a workshop speaker for South Jersey Writers Conference October 12-14, 2015. Her workshops include: Monday- Finding Your Muse, Tuesday- Don’t Tell My English Teacher I Can’t Remember the Rule, Wednesday- He Said-She Said.

On October 25, 2015, Reece will appear as Mrs. Poe for Millville Historical Society at the The Mansion House. She will introduce Poe as American literary figure and discuss the women in Poe’s life.


Reece enjoys kayaking and hiking.  She just loves water.

Upcoming Events:  

GUEST SPEAKER: Reece Brett is available as a guest speaker for youth groups, book clubs, writing groups and classrooms. She is willing to set up Skype visits for groups. A sampling of her speaking topics follow, but she will create a topic based on the needs and desires of the group. Email Reece at with details and your ideas.

PASSION Passion drives our lives; be that passion for one’s lover, job or hobby. Utilizing one’s passion can be a driving force and contributes to a fulfilling life. “Live with passion. Passion for life, for work, for one’s love. A life with passion bursts forth each morning blooming with colors and alive with fragrances and joy. Life without passion is uninspiring and mundane.” RB

DON’T TELL MY ENGLISH TEACHER, I CAN’T REMEMBER THE RULE Which word? Affect/ effect? A semi-colon where? What colon? What use would I have for a descriptionary? This is a fun and humorous refresher of rules you can now use on the job, at home, in business writing and in creative endeavors.

ROMANCING YOUR LOVE. Be that love a person or your book. Romance is more than remembering one’s anniversary, or dinner by candlelight. Romance enriches our lives, brightens our days and creates that special smile. Romance can spark a new relationship and revitalize the feelings in an old one. Romantic gestures, words or rituals reflect a character’s personality or heighten the sensual tension between two lovers. How has romance affected you day today?

CREATING CHARISMATIC CHARACTERS Readers identify with characters in a story and quickly become involved in their goals, problems and needs. Writers are people watchers and creating a realistic character is challenging and fun. What believable character lurks within your vision? Choosing specific details to create a unique character are described.

HE SAID, SHE SAID How does dialogue reveal character, provide background, and create tension in a story? The few words between quotation marks empower your story. Learn how to effective dialogue to highlight character and develop plot. Excerpts from other authors provide supportive examples

STORYTELLING IN OUR LIVES. Parents, teachers use anecdotes to support points and kids listen. Storytelling has passed won a country’s history or a family’s history. Storytelling attracts us to novels we read. What stores attract you? How does storytelling still influence today’s world?

FINDING YOUR MUSE A blank page or a blank screen is a writer’s enemy. Ancient Greeks thought muses inspired writing, sculpture, art. How to find your muse to have a steady flow of ideas or to get past the writer’s block that interrupted your story is the focus. Whether you are a beginner or professional writer, the empty page can be unnerving. This invigorating workshop offers clues and ideas for all writers.

JOURNAL WRITING For a writer, writing in a journal is like warm-up routine for an athlete. It enhances one’s performance and strengths one’s talents. Journals inspire ideas, create a personal style and alleviate stress. Journals are also great vehicles to record personal histories, work through problems, and celebrate one’s life. How to use a journal to enhance your writing and how journals add to life’s moments will be part of the workshop. This is not the diary of an adolescent or even Bridget Jones; this is journaling to celebrate life and to expand writing skills.


October 21, 2012

Author Reece Brett and Editor

Author Reece Brett and Editor






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