If You Dare

A special Millville NJ Review - Rochelle Maul, from Jim's Lunch, recommends, IF YOU DARE. She like the interaction between Cara and Trevor. So hey, Millville, if Rochelle like it, shouldn't you pick up a copy.

Quotes from Kindle Readers! - I loved this story! Though it's not summer yet, I will take this to the beach with me when summer hits and read this one again. And I'll enjoy it as much as the first time.
I loved the contrast between the buttoned up, serious minded lawyer, Cara, and her love interest Trevor from the very beginning. Trevor has always loved Cara, his childhood friend and confidant. Years and Cara's father have put distance between Trevor and Cara, and Trevor's a romance writer. But he lost his flair for creating romance. Until that is, he enlists Cara's help as an attorney. What starts as a dare for his childhood friend turns into the steamiest, most fun scenes for both characters. I could tell the author loves these characters, as well as the secondary characters. They're all so full and rich--I felt as if I was Cara and Trevor, and knew the secondary characters as well. You'll laugh out loud at some of their antics, and when the black moment hits, want to cry. A wonderful happy ending too. Great book!

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Beach Read, June 10, 2011 By  Mary Reilly

How far will Cara go to create the most sensuous scene and win the dare?
Cara never could resist a dare from Trevor MacHugh, which always meant trouble. As children, his dares led them to spills in the river, hiding out from annoyed neighbors and trips to the ER. Now as an adult, his dare leads to a steamy fitness room, carousing on a pirate ship, and a stimulating limo ride. Cara's determined to achieve partner status at her prestigious law firm in record time--she's not a daring, spontaneous child any more. There's no room in her life for goofing around. Until Trevor reappears, uprooting her life with another outrageous dare. Should she use his fame to gain status--and can she still outplay him at his own game?

Popular in the tabloids and with his fans, romance writer Trevor feels he's a fraud. His pen has dried up. Then he sees Cara, and knows he needs the inspiration and closeness with his best friend to achieve the happiness he's created for his characters. Does that wild, imaginative child still exist beneath her staid suits and stern expression? Cara never could resist a dare...    Can you?



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If You Dare
Reece Brett
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