JOURNAL WORKSHOP And then…..Using one liners as prompts.

These are ideas for those participating in Journal Workshop, Millville Library, but if you are a journal writer any place and need ideas—help yourself. These are ideas and topics I have gleaned over the years as a high school, teacher, then writing instructor and just fellow writer. When I know the source, I will quote it.

For Journal Workshop participants, choose one of these when that blank page stares at you.   Just start writing and see what happens.

And then…..

And then,,,,,and then….    For days when nothing comes to mind, try one of these ( or several) incomplete lines.   Write down the partial line and just write for 15 minutes.  Whatever comes out of your pen is good.  If you run out of steam after working with one line, try another.


The first time I saw …….

I heard footsteps…

The one thing I never told….

When I am alone…..

What I love about my hometown

The rules I would change

The mirror…..

People who ______________fascinate me….

The best thing about today………

Once a year….

To get back to work, I ……..

A place everyone should see…

What is holding me back….

Two people I would like to thank…..

If I find true love…

One thing I would like to do…..

My bucket list includes…….

Starting Over…

The biggest lie….

What I am really looking forward to….

My most terrifying moment …..

Three things I could eliminate

Three things I could do without.

Behind this curtain…

When I heard the news….

Gunshot fire….

The click signaled

Out of the box I  pulled a squashed hat and ….

Board games……

The Jersey shore….

If I could live anywhere….

The song lyric which best…..

Everyone stared at him….

Behind the house….

The glow rising above the water…

Walk around Bogart’s and randomly choose a book. Randomly choose a line from the book and then write.

A friend……

Today is the day to doodle all over the page.

What songs do you remember from your childhood. Sing it! ( dare you) and now write about the song.


Add anything you want to the end to the incomplete line and just write.  Feel free to change any pronoun.  Change “I” to “he” or “she.”


One liners are prompts you can return to many times.  You may rewrite a prompt you used earlier.


Happy writing.










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