Celebrate Millville’s Writing Community Publishes!

Celebration!   I moderate/teach a local writers’ group.   This week we celebrated two members publishing—one published two short stories in two different anthologies and one self-published her novel. Another member completed her manuscript and a third is having a photography exhibit.


Woo-woo.  Picture short blonde doing a happy dance.  The writing group meets at the local bookstore and core members have been together since 2008.  This year has been a banner year with many taking themselves seriously and not only finishing, but having enough faith and determination to send material out.

My role is to provide materials/ideas to inspire members to stretch and try new ideas to write about.  We also discuss, and then us in their writing—topics, such as, Deep POV, Dialogue tags, creating tension.  Topics are based what group needs or wants to explore.

I have taught creative writing courses in high school and in college classrooms for decades.  It is invigorating, inspiring and just plan fun to observe writers grow, improve and suddenly explode with determination and belief in their writing.  With these last, 32 of writers in my classes have published their work—mostly fictiI cannot take credit for any of that, I didn’t put the words on the page, I didn’t spend hours agonizing over the right word, punctuation, the characterization, plot twists or POV.  I am the cheerleader who provides a fertile space for writers to grow and to believe in themselves.  Having this group burst into creative garden of writers has been rewarding to experience. Sharing my passion for writing is always fulfilling—and just fun.

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