Writer’s Vacation–Kayaking and Reflection in Maine

We have been kayaking daily if weather permits.  I can’t say this adds to my collection of people jobs or reactions.  But kayaking is both great exercise and relaxing. Both are good for the writer’s health.  Taking care of yourself—de-stressing is important.  The Maine vacation is always a calm-down time, a time to reflect, gather new ideas and get in touch—with my thoughts, with nature, with others.

IMG_1792 IMG_1829 IMG_1870 IMG_1903 IMG_2122

That guy–the good looking one– is my own romantic hero!

Maine is good for my writer’s soul.  My first published novel is set in Maine.  I started the first book of my WIP series in Maine.  I ‘got the call’ from editors while I was in Maine.

A pink granite rock beckoned me the day we arrived.  It was my spot to write, reflect and just enjoy the view.

IMG_1638 IMG_2238 IMG_2254


Relaxation, time to breathe and enjoy, time to count your blessings—all good.


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