A Writer’s Vacation-Maine observations

A writer’s vacation – Maine observations and story ideas

Practice what you preach… In Writer’s Vacation blog (08/04), I stressed a vacation is an opportunity to store images, ideas and human behaviors to use in current or future stories.   Here are mine.Today we were out and about which meant lots of people watching and many conversations.

Northeast Harbor hosted an Arts and Crafts Fair. We attended to support a Maine artist we have become friends with.   A crafter displayed kitchen tools exquisitely carved from oak, teak, and others  Each had   swirls of grains and smoothness of tool created beautiful   to savor.

I chatted with the craftsman who obviously needed to talk.  He explained how he chose the wood, how important it was to him to feel the wood and its story as he carved.  He also worked and reworked to get the wood smooth to the touch.  He also talked about how therapeutic the work had been for him.    His passion about his work and wanting to share his talent was evident.

Two notable word choices.

Sign:  Triple Chick Farm.  Does that mean three women own the farm or does that mean they sell eggs and chickens?

Pickled Wrinkles Restaurant.   Say Pickled Wrinkles Fast three times! And just what is a wrinkle?  It’s a Maine seafood delicacy not a fold in clothing. It is a sea snail which live below the tide line and are often picked up with the lobsterman’s haul. Definitely a Maine dish. Yes, we did eat at the always packed Pickled Wrinkle Restaurant.  Good food, fun place, but alas no pickled wrinkles available.  Sigh.

Fine Junk     A sign along a road with many advertising antiques or “worn treasures”  But “fine Junk”  was just too funny and too true.  Just what do you have in your house that would fit that label?  We have wooden bed frames, odd china pieces….



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