Vacations and wonderful bookstores

Vacation time is time to explore—bookstores!   

As we travel, I visit as many independent bookstores as is possible Prior to leaving, I Google independent bookstores along the way .  Each bookstore has a personality and atmosphere.

I like to browse and see how each differs and what books each offers.  What books are highlighted?  How is it physically arranged?   What is the atmosphere –friendly, inviting? Scholarly and enlightening?

Do they have coffee?  Ok, I am a coffee addict.  Sitting with a cup of coffee and watching the clientele and clerks/owners interact is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. ( no, not just because I am getting my caffeine high.)

Of course, one reason for my interest is the connecting element of my WIP series is an independent bookstore, Readers’ Haven Book Shoppe.  The working title for the series is Reader’s Haven Books.

Two of my favorite bookstores I have discovered on vacations are: Bookstacks in in Bucksport, Maine and Cape Atlantic Book Company in Cape May, New Jersey.

My first book, Stranger to Love, was set in Trenton, Maine.  I had an author visit/book signing event at Bookstacks.   The staff is helpful and friendly.  The atmosphere invites you to sit and read or browse and savor their choices.   The best part of the visit was I met Tess Gerritson.  She sat next to me and chatted.  WOW! Oh and yes, they have great coffee.

Cape May, New Jersey is a picturesque shore town with enchanting village of stores, shops and restaurants.  The main promenade, which attracts many, many visitors,  has a wide promenade through the center of the stores.  Cape  Atlantic Book Company is compact upstairs shop along that promenade.  The owner caters and features local authors.  An entire section, in an eye-catching spot, has all the local authors books. Beneath each book is a short blurb. Great to attract attention. If you ask the owner about the author or a book, he has additional quirky info which compels you to look at the books.

I try to buy something in each independent store.   (This assures my friends and families get books for holidays and birthdays.)

What is your favorite bookstore? What attracts you to a bookstore?



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