“A blank page is an ocean of possibilities.” Lisa Wingate

“A blank page is an ocean of possibilities.” Lisa Windgate

The blank page sometimes beckons with a wave of the hand. Come accompany me today. Let’s see how we can fill up these pages with adventure, intrigue, love, learning, grief, torture, romance. What is ahead?

For a writer, it is exciting to tap out words and have pictures and people emerge. The tension heightens, the charters change and a new world emerges. The blank page incites action.

Sometimes the blank page scowls and growls and dares the writer to touch it. To try to find the words to put on the page. To try to create something beautiful or enlightening or something that even makes sense.

For the writer, that blank page is a dead-end. A painful tortuous path for the writer who struggles to type even a few words. And uses all of his will power to bury the urge not to throw the computer out a second story window and quit.

Where are you in your work—tapping away rapidly and joyfully? Or watching your computer spiral its way to its demise on the cement below.

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