Anticipation: JeRoWriMo


Every February, NJRW hosts JeRoWriMo or Jersey Romance Writing Month. The goal is to write 30.000 words in the month of February.

All the participants are connected on a Yahoo loop so we can comment, encourage and exchange ideas.  Nancy Harkness, our premier cheerleader applauds each member’s effort, pushes us to write more.

I look forward to it each year. I sign on the dotted line to write regularly, clear my schedule and produce in a way I don’t usually do.

Last year, I wrote a short, Holiday Magic: An Irish Romance and wrote a section of second novel in my Lakeside series.  I plan to continue working on Swept Away, the second novel in Lakeside series.

I love the camaraderie among writers in JeRoWriMo.  We support each other.

What a great way to celebrate a romance in the month of February.


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