Main Vacation- Maine

Vacation time.  A time to decompress, reflect and enjoy.  This one is a special one. Our rental house overlooks Chandler Bay  in Jonesport, Maine.  Each morning, we watch lobster boats in the ocean, birds diving for food and enjoy the changes brought on my tides. The deck is peaceful place to gather ones thoughts.

Vacations are great time for writers. Without the pressure of have-to-be-dones, one can let creative mind wander and gather new ideas for future books.

Also, it is fun and productive for people watching.  People watching is my favorite sport/pastime. Your are on vacation which is great excuse to start conversations with perfect strangers and gather bits of dialogue, mannerisms and past histories. Plus, I find people fascinating for any reason.

We have met many unusual, eccentric, colorful and just plain good men and women.  In Lubec, we chatted with Annbell who owns a small shop named.  She was a true character, outgoing, opinionated and fun.  A woman I wished I had had time to sit and chat for hours sharing a bottle of wine.  She had a lot of stores to share I am sure.

 Annabell of The Salt Flea–easternmost eclectic store

For me, it has not only been an idea-gathering time, but a productive writing time. I have been off my writing beat.  I have been in that discouraged, non-productive writer spot.Maine is the elixir for that


porch view of Maineview from the porch in Jonesport-Maine-the way life should be.

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