Author Reece Brett's WIP

(Writer in Pursuit—of a dream)

Most writers recognize WIP as the acronym for work in progress. I’ve added a new slant. WIP is Writer In Pursuit. Like many of you, I am pursuing my dream of being a writer. Since I left my day job, I have published two novels and a children’s book series, but that doesn’t satisfy my passion as a writer.

Come join me on my journey to pursue that dream. My blog will trace my journey with varied topics: my discoveries, my stumbles, themes in the series and my inspiration. Some will be writing tips, some will be musings of a frustrated or jubilant writer and most of all, will focus sharing the roadblocks and triumphs as I search for the agent and write each book.

Churning in my creative brain are the plots for a series of 5+ books set in a small town. Finding the right agent and bringing those five books to publication is currently my focus.

The connecting element for the series is a community bookstore. If you are a reader, you have your favorite spot to look for books; I have raved about our local bookstore in my blog. Like any community gathering spot, a bookstore is overrun with quirky characters and a place to discuss issues. For me, it is a spot for character’s lives to intersect.

The first in this series, Levels of Truth, is complete and is the heart of the query and synopsis I will be sending out. My Work-in-Progress, Swept Away, focuses on the devastation and recovery after Hurricane Sandy.

Join me in my journey on my agent search as well as all the commentary of creation of the series documented on my blog WIP (Writer in Pursuit-of a dream).

We can share our adventures in pursuit of our dreams. What is your dream? Where are you in your journey?

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King