Hello guys my name is Reece Brett and I would like to thanks you for landing in my about page. i am 51 years old writer all the way from Ohio, New Jersey.

I have lived most of my adult life in New Jersey, “home” evokes the image of a white frame house in Brecksville, Ohio—my home from birth to age fifteen. We had acres of property, a woods 2 miles deep behind us, a dairy farm down the street and a small apple orchard in the side yard.


Yes, I was an Ohio hayseed. I had woods in which to hide, reflect and plot my first book. (One written about horses at age 10) I picked blackberries with my father and helped him seed and harvest an acre garden. Our apple orchard became a refuge—I climbed trees stretched out on a limb accordingly  so I could escape chores and read uninterrupted.

“Ohio is still part of my heart”